CyberBall – Main Programmer

  • CyberBall VR is a multiplayer arena dodgeball inspired game. – Steam Link

EarthLike – Main Programmer

  • EarthLike is a Multiplayer Arena game (Unity), that is using multiple game servers for each game room (The system is custom made using Dark Rift 2). – Source

Knor – Main Programmer

  • Knor is a Multiplayer Arena Game (Client – Unity Web Gl, Server – Node js

Farm Them All – Main Programmer

  • Farm Them All is a MMO FPS game im working on, using Unity Engine.

Isolated Paradise – Main Programmer

  • Isolated Paradise is one of my old projects, it’s a MRPG using Eclise Origins.

Lost in the Mythic Island – Main Programmer

  • Lost in the Mythic Island is one of my old projects, it’s a MMO FPS using Unity Engine.

Global Life Survival – Helper Programmer

  • Global Life Survival is a multiplayer FPS game using Unity Engine.

Arrows – Programmer

  • Arrows up the Arse is a lan shooting game using Unity Engine.

Aldian of Ancients – Networking and AI Programmer

  • Aldian of Ancients is a 3D game made with Unity (for more info visit the website)